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To Our Friends and Valued Clients

It is with heartfelt sorrow, that we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of our founder and friend Francis X. Cassidy II, CPA of F.X. Cassidy & Associates PC on January 26, 2022. Frank was a loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, mentor and confidant. Frank was the owner of F.X. Cassidy & Associates PC for over 30 years and took great pride in not only growing the business, but also in the relationships he built over the years.

The firm will continue to operate as we have since its inception with the main goal being a commitment to excellence while servicing our clients. We plan to move forward during this emotional time because that is what Frank would want and expect from us. There is no change to any previously scheduled appointment as it will be handled by one of our team members.

Frank had been planning for a future in which he was less involved and while that time has come sooner than any of us would have wanted, we are ready. Frank built an excellent team of seasoned experienced professionals that you have all worked with for many years and our tax specialists will continue to handle your accounts.

Further communications will follow once funeral services have been arranged so we can all honor and remember Frank and offer condolences to his family.

Thank you all for your confidence in F.X. Cassidy & Associates PC. We remain committed to serving you, our valued clients, and we look forward to a continued relationship.


F.X. Cassidy & Associates PC

Gregory Specht, CPA

Patrick Higgins, CPA

Thomas Dewey

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